Hi There!

     My name is Kevin Aktug, and I am a 3D Environment Artist. I have 2 years of experience working in the games industry, which is backed by 6+ years of experience in digital freelance work. I graduated with honors from The Art Institute of Washington, where I attained my BFA in Game Art and Design.

I currently serve as the Production Art Coordinator at CustomInk.com.

     I'm always on the lookout for the next big thing. I specialize in many aspects of 3D design, with my current, primary duties being:

  • - Hard surface modeling
  • - Hi-poly to low-poly normal/spec map baking
  • - Level Design/Environmental Design
  • - UDK/UE3 Level and asset creation
  • - Unwrapping and texturing
  • - Material/Shader creation
  • - Lighting

I'm also all over the web! Come follow/friend/connect with me!